Boogie Wonderland

2021-10-03 time

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Boogie Wonderland Lyrics
Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind & Fire[00:17]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.[00:25]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.[00:32]
Mid-night creeps so slow-ly in-to hearts of men[00:37]
Who need more than they get.[00:39]
Day-light deals a bad man to a wom-an[00:43]
Who had laid too man-y bets.[00:47]
The mir-ror stares you in the face and says,[00:51]
"Ba-by, uh, uh, it don't work."[00:54]
You say your prayers though you don't care.[00:58]
You dance and you shake the hurt.[01:01]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.[01:09]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.[01:16]
Sounds fly through the night,[01:19]
I change my vi-nyl dreams[01:22]
To boo-gie won-der-land.[01:24]
I find ro-mance[01:25]
When I start to dance[01:28]
In boo-gie won-der-land.[01:31]
I find ro-mance[01:32]
When I start to dance[01:34]
In boo-gie won-der-land.[01:40]
All the love in the world can't be gone.[01:45]
All the need to be loved can't be wrong.[01:51]
All the rec-ords are play-ing,[01:54]
And my heart keep say-in',[01:56]
Boo-gie won-der-land, won-der-land.[02:04]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.[02:13]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.[02:18]
I find ro-mance[02:22]
When I start to dance[02:24]
In boo-gie won-der-land.[02:28]
I find ro-mance[02:29]
When I start to dance[02:31]
In boo-gie won-der-land.[02:35]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.[02:40]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.[03:42]
All the love in the world can't be gone.[03:45]
All the need to be loved can't be wrong.[03:52]
All the rec-ords are play-ing,[03:54]
And my heart keep say-ing,[03:56]
Boo--oo-gie won-der-land, won-der-land.[04:05]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.[04:12]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.[04:20]
I find ro-mance[04:22]
When I start to dance[04:24]
In boo-gie won-der-land.[04:27]
I find ro-mance[04:29]
When I start to dance[04:30]
In boo-gie won-der-land.[04:34]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land.[04:40]
Dance, boo-gie won-der-land
Singer:Earth, Wind & Fire