Money Changes Everything

2021-11-02 time

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Money Changes Everything Lyrics
Money Changes Everything - Cyndi Lauper[00:16]
She said I'm sorry baby[00:18]
I'm leaving you tonight[00:24]
I found someone new[00:26]
He's waitin' in the car outside[00:32]
Ah honey how could you do it[00:34]
We swore each other everlasting love[00:40]
She said well yeah I know but when[00:42]
We did - there was one thing we weren't[00:46]
Really thinking of and that's money[00:51]
Money changes everything[00:56]
Money money changes everything[01:04]
We think we know what we're doin'[01:06]
That don't mean a thing[01:12]
It's all in the past now[01:14]
Money changes everything[01:32]
They shake your hand and they smile[01:34]
And they buy you a drink[01:40]
They say we'll be your friends[01:42]
We'll stick with you till the end[01:47]
Ah but everybody's only[01:51]
Looking out for themselves[01:55]
And you say well who can you trust[01:59]
I'll tell you it's just[02:02]
Nobody else's money -[02:06]
Money changes everything[02:12]
Money changes everything[02:19]
We think we know what we're doin[02:22]
We don't pull the strings[02:28]
It's all in the past now[02:30]
Money changes everything[03:22]
Money changes everything[03:30]
Money changes everything[03:35]
We think we know what we're doing[03:37]
We don't know a thing[03:43]
It's all in the past now[03:46]
Money changes everything[04:05]
Money changes everything[04:12]
Money changes everything[04:19]
Singer:Cyndi Lauper