Can't Let Go

2021-12-08 time

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Can't Let Go Lyrics
Can't Let Go - Earth, Wind & Fire[00:08]
Love that is born in truth[00:12]
All the doubt removed[00:15]
Lover's eyes are blessed[00:19]
Only sees the best[00:23]
I can't let go[00:27]
Off a love that grows[00:31]
You're my woman, baby love[00:33]
You know I love you, so[00:38]
Empty hearts are free[00:42]
Bring your love to me[00:45]
Soul chase the moon[00:49]
Shadows hug the room[00:53]
Turn off the light[00:57]
Sneak in bed at night[01:01]
Darkness shut its eyes[01:02]
Baby, I open mine to you[01:08]
I can't let go[01:11]
Off a love that grows[01:12]
You know I love you, so[01:16]
Can't let go[01:18]
You know I love you, so[01:23]
I can't let go[01:27]
Off a love that grows[01:30]
You're my woman, baby love[01:33]
You know I love you, so[01:58]
I love you, so, I[02:14]
I love you, oh[02:30]
I can't let go[02:34]
Off a love that grows[02:37]
You're my woman, baby love[02:40]
You know I love you, so[02:45]
I can't let go[02:48]
Off a love that grows[02:52]
You're my woman, baby love[02:55]
You know I love you, so[02:59]
I can't let go[03:03]
Off a love that grows[03:07]
You're my woman, baby love[03:10]
You know I love you, so[03:14]
I can't let go[03:18]
Off a love that grows[03:21]
You're my woman, baby love
Singer:Earth, Wind & Fire