Change Of Heart

2022-01-14 time

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Change Of Heart Lyrics
Artist:cyndi lauper[00:05]
Songs Title:change of heart[00:24]
Here I am[00:28]
Just like I said I would be[00:32]
Im your friend[00:36]
Just like you think it should be[00:39]
Did you think I would stand here and lie[00:43]
As our moment was passing us by[00:47]
Oh I am here[00:50]
Waiting for your change of heart[00:54]
It just takes a beat[00:56]
To turn it around[00:58]
Yes Im waiting for your change of heart[01:02]
At the edge of my seat[01:04]
Please turn it around[01:06]
Days go by[01:18]
Leaving me with a hunger[01:22]
I could fly[01:26]
Back to when we were younger[01:29]
When adventures like cars we would ride[01:33]
And the years lied ahead still untried[01:38]
While I stand here[01:40]
Waiting for your change of heart [01:44]
Blind leading blind[02:25]
Never hear the laughter[02:36]
Search through time[02:37]
Nothing reveals the answer[02:39]
If its truth that youre looking to find[02:43]
It is nowhere outside of your mind[02:48]
I bide my time
Singer:Cyndi Lauper