Marry The Night

2022-03-07 time

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Marry The Night Lyrics
Marry The Night - D'Mixmasters[00:00]
Written by:Stefani Germanotta/Fernando Garibay[00:00]
Marry the night[00:03]
I won't give up on my life[00:06]
I'm a warrior queen[00:09]
Live passionately tonight[00:14]
I'm gonna marry the dark[00:17]
Gonna make love to the stars[00:21]
I'm a soldier to my own emptiness[00:24]
I'm a winner[00:28]
Gonna marry the night[00:31]
Gonna marry the night[00:35]
Gonna marry the night[00:38]
Gonna marry the night[00:42]
I'm gonna marry the night[00:47]
I'm not gonna cry anymore[00:49]
I'm gonna marry the night[00:54]
Leave nothing on the street to explore[00:58]
Marry marry[01:01]
Marry the night[01:05]
Oh marry marry[01:08]
Marry the night[01:12]
I'm gonna lace up my boots[01:15]
Throw on some leather and cruise[01:19]
Down the streets that I love[01:21]
And my fishnet gloves I'm a sinner[01:26]
We're gonna go down to the bar[01:30]
Where I won't cry anymore[01:34]
I'll hold my whiskey up high[01:36]
Kiss the bartender twice I'm a loser[01:40]
I'm gonna marry the night[01:44]
I'm gonna marry the night[01:47]
I'm gonna marry the night[01:51]
I'm gonna marry the night[01:55]
I'm gonna marry the night[02:00]
I'm not gonna cry anymore[02:02]
I'm gonna marry the night[02:07]
Leave nothing on the street to explore[02:10]
Marry marry[02:14]
Marry the night[02:18]
Oh marry marry[02:21]
Marry the night[02:25]
Nothing's to cool[02:27]
To take me from you[02:29]
New York is not just a town that you never knew[02:32]
Love is the new denim or black[02:36]
Skeleton guns or wedding bells in the attic[02:40]
Get your engine ready cause I'm coming out front[02:43]
Won't poke holes in the seat with my heals[02:45]
That's where we make love[02:53]
Come on and run[03:01]
Come on and run[03:08]
I'm gonna marry the night[03:12]
I'm not gonna cry anymore[03:15]
I'm gonna marry the night[03:20]
Leave nothing on these streets to explore[03:23]
Marry marry[03:27]
Marry the night[03:30]
Oh marry marry[03:34]
Marry the night[03:38]
Oh marry marry[03:41]
Marry the night[03:44]
I'm gonna marry[03:45]
Oh marry marry[03:48]
Marry the night[03:52]
The night the night[03:58]
The night the night the night