2021-05-04 time

Illenium、Nevve - Fractures[00:25]
Burning everything I know[00:30]
Desperate for a change[00:37]
Crashing down the ancient roads[00:42]
Past our yesterday[00:49]
Maybe there is hunger in my blood[00:55]
Screaming out loud for what I want[00:59]
See me running full speed at it[01:04]
Shattering collide[01:06]
Call it post traumatic[01:10]
Now it's do or die[01:13]
Coming after tiny fractures[01:19]
Coming after tiny fractures[01:23]
See me running full speed at it[01:28]
Coming after tiny fractures[01:30]
Call me post traumatic[01:34]
What comes after tiny fractures[01:39]
What comes after tiny fractures[01:45]
What comes after[01:51]
What comes after tiny fractures[01:57]
What comes after[02:01]
What comes after tiny fractures[02:04]
What comes after[02:07]
What comes after tiny fractures[02:10]
What comes after[02:13]
Feeding frenzy is in my brain[02:18]
I'm hopeful every day[02:24]
I gotta get it while we are still young enough to break[02:30]
We're finally not afraid[02:37]
Maybe there is hunger in my blood[02:43]
Screaming out loud for what I want[02:47]
See me running full speed at it[02:52]
Shattering collide[02:54]
Call me post traumatic[02:58]
Now it's do or die[03:01]
Coming after tiny fractures[03:07]
Coming after tiny fractures[03:11]
See me running full speed at it[03:16]
Coming after tiny fractures[03:18]
Call me post traumatic[03:22]
What comes after tiny fractures[03:27]
Coming after tiny fractures[03:33]
What comes after[03:39]
What comes after tiny fractures[03:45]
What comes after[03:49]
What comes after tiny fractures[03:52]
What comes after[03:55]
What comes after tiny fractures[03:58]
What comes after