I Am Legend

2021-05-04 time

I Am Legend - Colton Dixon/Tommee Profitt[00:01]
Lyrics by:Tommee Profitt/Colton Dixon[00:02]
Composed by:Tommee Profitt/Colton Dixon[00:03]
I'm a dreamer live or die[00:07]
I'm a victor born to rise[00:12]
No excuses wasting time[00:17]
I'll sleep in the afterlife[00:23]
I am legend[00:27]
I am legend[00:32]
I am legend[00:42]
I am legend[00:51]
I am legend[00:53]
I'm a champion in this fight[00:58]
I'm committed wrong or right[01:02]
You can't stop me if you tried[01:10]
I am legend[01:11]
Whoa whoa[01:17]
Can't stop me[01:18]
Won't stop me[01:20]
I am legend[01:21]
Whoa whoa[01:26]
Can't stop me[01:27]
Won't stop me[01:30]
I am legend[01:31]
Whoa whoa[01:36]
Can't stop me[01:37]
Won't stop me[01:39]
I am legend[01:40]
Whoa whoa[01:44]
I am legend[01:45]
Can't stop me[01:47]
Won't stop me[01:49]
I am legend[01:52]
Whoa whoa[02:02]
Whoa whoa[02:12]
Whoa whoa[02:20]
I am legend[02:21]
Whoa whoa[02:42]
I am legend
歌手:Colton Dixon&Tommee Profitt