Diamond Eyes (Boom

2021-05-04 time

Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) (Vocal Version) (Originally Performed by Shinedown) - Singer's Edge Karaoke (卡拉OK)[00:01]
Written by:Shinedown[00:23]
I am the shadow and the smoke in your eyes[00:28]
I am the ghost that hides in the night[00:40]
Boom lay boom lay boom[00:42]
Boom lay boom lay boom[00:45]
Boom lay boom lay boom[00:47]
Boom lay boom lay boom[00:58]
Wait wait a minute take a step back[01:01]
You gotta think twice before you react[01:03]
So stay stay a little while[01:04]
Because the promise I kept is the road to exile[01:07]
Hey whats the circumstance[01:09]
You'll never be great without taking a chance so[01:11]
Wait you waited too long[01:13]
Had your hands in your pocket when you shoulda been gone[01:16]
Boom lay boom lay boom[01:18]
One push is all you'll need[01:20]
Boom lay boom lay boom[01:22]
It's a philosophy[01:25]
Boom lay boom lay boom[01:27]
We watch with wounded eyes[01:29]
Boom lay boom lay boom[01:31]
So I hope you recognize[01:34]
I'm on the front line[01:35]
Don't worry I'll be fine[01:38]
The story is just beginning[01:41]
I say goodbye to my weakness[01:44]
So long to the regret[01:46]
And now I see the world through diamond eyes[02:00]
Damn damn it all down[02:02]
Took one to the chest without even a sound so[02:05]
What what are you worth[02:07]
The things you love or the people you hurt[02:09]
Hey it's like deja vu[02:11]
A suicidal maniac with nothing to lose[02:13]
So wait it's the exception to the rule[02:16]
Everyone of us in expendable[02:18]
Boom lay boom lay boom[02:20]
One push is all you'll need[02:22]
Boom lay boom lay boom[02:25]
It's a philosophy[02:27]
Boom lay boom lay boom[02:29]
We watch with wounded eyes[02:31]
Boom lay boom lay boom[02:33]
So I hope you recognize[02:36]
I'm on the front line[02:38]
Don't worry I'll be fine[02:40]
The story is just beginning[02:44]
I say goodbye to my weakness[02:46]
So long to the regret[02:49]
And now I know that I'm alive[02:53]
I'm on the front line[02:55]
Don't worry I'll be fine[02:57]
The story is just beginning[03:01]
I say goodbye to my weakness[03:04]
So long to the regret[03:06]
And now I see the world through diamond eyes[03:30]
Every night of my life[03:32]
I watch angels fall from the sky[03:38]
Every time that the sun still sets[03:42]
I pray they don't take mine[04:06]
I'm on the front line[04:08]
Don't worry I'll be fine[04:10]
The story is just beginning[04:14]
I say goodbye to my weakness[04:16]
So long to regret[04:22]
I'm on the front line[04:24]
Don't worry I'll be fine[04:26]
The story is just beginning[04:30]
I say goodbye to my weakness[04:33]
So long to the regret[04:35]
And now I know that I'm alive[04:40]
I'm on the front line[04:42]
Don't worry I'll be fine[04:44]
The story is just beginning[04:48]
I say goodbye to my weakness[04:51]
So long to the regret[04:53]
And now I see the world through diamond eyes[04:58]
I'm on the front line[05:00]
Don't worry I'll be fine[05:02]
The story is just beginning[05:06]
I say goodbye to my weakness[05:09]
So long to the regret[05:11]
And now I see the world through diamond eyes[05:18]
Boom lay boom lay boom[05:20]
Boom lay boom lay boom[05:22]
Boom lay boom lay boom[05:25]
Boom lay boom lay boom[05:27]
Boom lay boom lay boom[05:29]
Boom lay boom lay boom[05:31]
Boom lay boom lay boom
歌手:Singer's Edge Karaoke