See No Evil

2022-05-14 time

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See No Evil Lyrics
I don't read the XXL[00:03]
Told em 45 the church think I'm destined for hell oh well[00:06]
Blood tears off the face of my Jesus Piece[00:09]
It's bloodshed feel the cracks in my city streets[00:12]
I'm from the crack of them city streets[00:15]
Used to sell crack in them city streets born in Blood nigga[00:17]
In a coma five days life of a thug nigga[00:21]
Momma ain't show grandma almost pulled the plugged the nigga[00:25]
Used to pull the gun out just because of cause niggas[00:29]
Five shots to the head cause I'm a Blood nigga[00:30]
Nuttin' brewing but suwoo'ing where the f**k I'm from[00:34]
You lucky if you make it out of Compton ask Andre Young[00:37]
Smell the scent of dead bodies ridin' down Green Leaf[00:40]
No peace so don't get caught up with no piece[00:43]
F**k Fatburger we cooking that real beef[00:46]
Momma's mourning they sons I'm talking real grief[00:49]
Real funerals of them lost Juveniles[00:52]
Trying to be generals be missing your dinner now huh[00:55]
Say it's a blessing when you die in ya sleep[00:58]
Cause the coroner don't need no sheets capishe[01:01]
I'm sayin' stop playing wrap him up in what he lay in[01:05]
Fold a nigga arms now a caskets what he pray in Compton streets raised me[01:09]
Can't tell my grandma nothing bout her baby you crazy[01:13]
I said she see no evil[01:15]
She gonna knock it at all[01:18]
You want to see tomorrow you promise not to talk[01:25]
Say we on our way now I'm a see you again[01:31]
And when they ask you questions you just answer[01:35]
What happened then [01:38]
What happened then [01:39]
I live this life at a pace that anyone can go[01:41]
Know your place and dedicate your role to the faith that you'll die alone[01:44]
Trace your steps when I do step in a fire of broken bones[01:47]
And I require my heart's desire and when I reap what I sew[01:53]
I bought my momma a Benz my boobie a jag[01:55]
A cut for my dogs with a roof full of glass[01:57]
But still I be feeling like none of my light never casts[01:59]
Out of that black cloud that's been watered down since my first chopper blast[02:02]
But f**k that I'm not worried even when discouraged[02:05]
Skirt off makin' them hurt off I should have hurt them in a hurry[02:09]
Dirt off all under my fingers dirt all of 'em gon is gone[02:12]
Shirt off when precesure resuscitation came early[02:15]
I need you to keep quiet as a mouse[02:18]
Which is ironic cause rats is what I'm talking about[02:22]
I'm hearin the sonics of gun fire[02:23]
The whispers the silent cries even though I know it's an eye for an eye[03:17]
You want to go to Compton Nigga I'll take you there[03:20]
Hough City bodies get burnt butt-naked here[03:23]
Respect the code a nigga's calling from the pen[03:26]
Colombian neck-ties on the outside from within[03:28]
And then your momma never see you again[03:32]
Casket to never wake up plastered in MAC make-up huh[03:35]
Niggas can't hear you talking from the sky[03:37]
And only five year olds see your ghost when you die no lie[03:42]
Call my catchers up to all you head honchos[03:44]
2 Dome shots in that head Griselda Blanco[03:48]
Shit get real though inside the Foxhills though[03:51]
Nigga living that fast life and get killed slow[03:54]
Ask Wack and Draws if a nigga run the streets[03:57]
My grandmother's friends says said You niggas had never wanted peace [04:00]
Los Angeles I'm the motherf**king king here[04:03]
No first 48 cause motherf**kers don't sing here
Singer:Kendrick Lamar&Tank[欧美]&The Game