2021-06-11 time

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Air Supply - Chances[00:20]
There's a chance you will be there[00:25]
I'd like to know the truth[00:28]
I'll find it out somehow[00:32]
The chances aren't too strong[00:36]
A chance you will be there[00:41]
Please be there alone[00:45]
Help me speak of love[00:49]
Chances aren't enough[00:52]
Ones too good to miss[00:57]
Chances aren't too strong[01:01]
A Chance is all there is[01:13]
There's a chance you will be there[01:17]
Wondering what to do[01:20]
How to play my role[01:24]
I'll leave it up to you[01:29]
If I disguise my smile[01:32]
It gives too much away[01:36]
What if we can't speak[01:40]
What then shall I say[01:44]
Don't you be too long[01:47]
Something has gone wrong[01:51]
The chances are all gone[02:30]
There's a chance you will be there[02:35]
Wondering what to do[02:38]
How to play my role[02:42]
I'll leave it up to you[02:46]
If I disguise my smile[02:50]
It gives too much away[02:54]
What if we can't speak[02:58]
What then shall I say[03:01]
Don't you be too long[03:05]
Something has gone wrong[03:09]
The chances are all gone
歌手:Air Supply