You Are The Reason(Album Version)

2021-06-11 time

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You Are The Reason(Album Version)歌词

You Are The Reason(Album Version) - Air Supply (空中补给)/Mehnaz[00:22]
Here's on the street[00:25]
A tear in the seam[00:28]
Of pleasure and pain[00:35]
Life carries on[00:37]
A cloak of deceit[00:41]
Brings honour to shame[00:45]
But the voice I used to know[00:50]
(Where are you now )[00:52]
Is the one I can't let go[00:57]
You are the reason[01:02]
My faith in tomorrow[01:09]
A Distant horizon[01:15]
The one I must follow[01:22]
You are the first You are the last[01:31]
I'help you to see[01:34]
The light in the dark[01:37]
The sun through the rain[01:43]
Until you are free[01:46]
And facing the truth[01:49]
That words can't explain[01:54]
But the truth I think you know[01:59]
(Tell me)[02:00]
I could never let you go[02:05]
You are the reason[02:11]
My faith in tomorrow[02:17]
A Distant horizon[02:23]
The one I must follow[02:30]
You are the first You are the last[02:36]
You are the future from the past[02:42]
You are the spell that has been cast[02:53]
You are the reason[03:02]
My faith in tomorrow[03:08]
A distant horizon[03:14]
The one I must follow[03:21]
You are the reason[03:27]
My faith in tomorrow[03:33]
A Distant horizon[03:39]
The one I must follow[03:45]
You are the first[03:48]
You are the last to me[04:00]
Oom hm You are to me You are
歌手:Air Supply&Mehnaz