2021-06-11 time

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Everytime (每一次) - Britney Spears (布兰妮·斯皮尔斯)[00:10]
Notice me[00:14]
Take my hand[00:18]
Why are we[00:23]
Strangers when[00:27]
Our love is strong[00:31]
Why carry on without me[00:36]
Everytime I try to fly[00:39]
I fall without my wings[00:42]
I feel so small[00:45]
I guess I need you baby[00:49]
And everytime I see you in my dreams[00:53]
I see your face[00:55]
It's haunting me[00:58]
I guess I need you baby[01:11]
I make believe that you are here[01:20]
It's the only way I see clear[01:28]
What have I done[01:33]
You seem to move on easy[01:37]
Everytime I try to fly[01:40]
I fall without my wings[01:44]
I feel so small[01:46]
I guess I need you baby[01:50]
And everytime I see you in my dreams[01:55]
I see your face[01:57]
You're haunting me[01:59]
I guess I need you baby[02:05]
I may have made it rain[02:10]
Please forgive me[02:13]
My weakness caused your pain[02:18]
And this song is my sorry[02:44]
At night I pray[02:48]
That soon your face will fade away[02:52]
Everytime I try to fly[02:55]
I fall without my wings[02:59]
I feel so small[03:01]
I guess I need you baby[03:05]
And everytime I see you in my dreams[03:10]
I see your face[03:12]
You're haunting me[03:14]
I guess I need you baby