She Is My Sin

2021-06-11 time

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She Is My Sin歌词

She Is My Sin (她是我的原罪) (《逆战》游戏插曲) - Nightwish (夜愿)[00:01]
Written by:Tuomas Holopainen[00:01]
Arranger:Tuomas Holopainen[00:01]
Take heed dear heart[00:40]
Once apart she can touch nor me nor you[00:45]
一旦分离 她便无法触摸你或我 [00:47]
Dressed as one[00:50]
剥去身上的皮毛 [00:50]
A wolf will betray a lamb[00:56]
灰狼将背叛那羊羔 [00:57]
Lead astray the gazers[00:59]
引导迷途的人们 [00:59]
The razors on your seducing skin[01:05]
剃刀就在你诱惑的肌肤上 [01:06]
In the meadow of sinful thoughts[01:09]
保持罪念的草地 [01:09]
Every flower's a perfect one[01:15]
每朵鲜花都如此完美 [01:16]
To paradise with pleasure haunted[01:23]
那快感缠绕的天堂 [01:23]
Haunted by fear[01:27]
A sin for him[01:30]
为他犯下的罪 [01:30]
Desire within desire within[01:35]
充斥欲望饱含邪念 [01:35]
A burning veil[01:37]
For the bride too dear for him[01:40]
A sin for him[01:42]
为他犯下的罪 [01:42]
Desire within desire within[01:47]
充斥欲望饱含邪念 [01:47]
Fall in love with your deep dark sin[01:53]
带着你那深重的罪过坠入爱河 [02:06]
I am the fallen[02:08]
我在坠落 [02:08]
You are what my sins enclose[02:13]
你是引诱我犯罪的圈套 [02:15]
Lust is not as creative[02:18]
As its discovery[02:23]
To paradise with pleasure haunted[02:32]
那快感缠绕的天堂 [02:32]
Haunted by fear[02:36]
A sin for him[02:39]
为他犯下的罪 [02:39]
Bless me undress me[02:44]
为我祝福 为我宽衣[02:44]
To paradise with pleasure haunted[02:49]
那快感缠绕的天堂 [02:50]
A sin for him[02:52]
为他犯下的罪 [02:52]
Desire within desire within[02:56]
充斥欲望饱含邪念 [02:57]
Fall in love with your deep dark sin[03:02]
带着你那深重的罪过坠入爱河 [03:40]
Bless me undress me[03:43]
为我祝福 为我宽衣[03:43]
Pick your prey in a wicked way[03:46]
用那邪恶的方式选择你的祭品 [03:46]
God I must confess I do envy the sinners[03:52]
天啊我必须忏悔 我确实嫉妒那些有罪的人 [03:56]
A sin for him[03:58]
为他犯下的罪 [03:58]
Desire within[04:02]
充斥欲望饱含邪念 [04:02]
A burning veil[04:04]
For the bride too dear for him[04:08]
A sin for him[04:10]
为他犯下的罪 [04:10]
Desire within desire within[04:15]
充斥欲望饱含邪念 [04:15]
Fall in love with your deep dark sin[04:18]
带着你那深重的罪过坠入爱河 [04:18]
I am the fallen[04:21]
我在坠落 [04:21]
A sin for him[04:22]
为他犯下的罪 [04:22]
Desire within desire within[04:27]