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Shakalaka Lyrics
(how can they learn respect[00:02]
All they see is sex sex sex)[00:47]
他们看见的只是性 性 性[00:47]
Shakalaka shakalaka shakalaka boom[00:55]
沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 嘣[00:55]
Shakalaka shakalaka shakalaka boom[01:17]
沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 嘣[01:17]
One two juicy lips[01:20]
一二 多汁的嘴唇[01:20]
Three four watch those hips[01:24]
三四 看那些臀部[01:24]
Five six see that a**[01:26]
五六 看那些臀部[01:26]
Seven eight pay some cash[01:27]
七八 付一些现金[01:27]
Nine ten spend some time[01:29]
九十 花一些时间[01:29]
Anything to make up time[01:31]
Shakalaka shakalaka shakalaka boom[01:35]
沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 嘣[01:35]
Shake that a** and rock the room[01:38]
摇摆臀部 摇滚空间[01:38]
Shakalaka shakalaka shakalaka boom[01:42]
沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 嘣[01:42]
Shake that a** and rock the room[02:01]
摇摆臀部 摇滚空间[02:01]
Keep it up flip it down however you want it[02:02]
继续保持 翻下来 无论你想要怎样[02:02]
Besides you sayin 'if you got it you flaunt it'[02:04]
I guess you forgot about all the the little kids[02:06]
All the trash that you're putting in their heads[02:08]
What's up what's up have you lost your mind[02:10]
怎么啦 怎么啦 你失去理智了[02:10]
1-900 like it's been your time[02:12]
What's it gonna be heaven or hell[02:13]
The choice is yours but time will tell[02:15]
Shakalaka shakalaka shakalaka boom[02:19]
沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 嘣[02:19]
Shake that a** and rock the room[02:22]
摇摆臀部 摇滚空间[02:22]
Shakalaka shakalaka shakalaka boom[02:26]
沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 嘣[02:26]
Shake that a** and rock the room[02:30]
摇摆臀部 摇滚空间[02:30]
How how how[02:37]
如何 如何 如何[02:37]
How how how[02:56]
如何 如何 如何[02:56]
How can they learn respect [03:01]
Shake it baby [03:29]
摇摆起来 宝贝[03:29]
Shakalaka shakalaka shakalaka boom[03:32]
沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 嘣[03:32]
Shake that a** and rock the room[03:36]
摇摆臀部 摇滚空间[03:36]
Shakalaka shakalaka shakalaka boom[03:39]
沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 沙卡拉卡 嘣[03:39]
Shake that a** and rock the room[03:51]
摇摆臀部 摇滚空间[03:51]
How how how[03:54]
如何 如何 如何[03:54]
How how how[03:58]
如何 如何 如何[03:58]
How how how[04:02]
如何 如何 如何[04:02]
How how how[04:05]
如何 如何 如何[04:05]
How how how[04:09]
如何 如何 如何[04:09]
How how how[04:12]
如何 如何 如何[04:12]
Shakalaka (Originally Performed By Sweetbox ) - The Popstar Band[04:17]
Singer:The Popstar Band