The Power Of Love

2021-02-28 time

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The Power Of Love Lyrics
The Power Of Love (爱的力量) - Céline Dion (席琳·迪翁)[00:00]
Written by:Jennifer Rush/Gunther Mende/Candy De Rouge/Mary S. Applegate[00:00]
The whispers in the morning[00:07]
Of lovers sleeping tight[00:14]
Are rolling like thunder now[00:20]
As I look in your eyes[00:27]
I hold on to your body[00:34]
And feel each move you make[00:41]
Your voice is warm and tender[00:45]
A love that I could not forsake[00:55]
'Coz I am your lady[01:01]
And you are my man[01:08]
Whenever you reach for me[01:15]
I'll do all that I can[01:22]
Lost is how I'm feeling lying in your arms[01:36]
When the world outside's too[01:38]
Much to take[01:42]
That all ends when I'm with you[01:49]
Even though there may be times[01:56]
It seems I'm far away[02:03]
Never wonder where I am[02:08]
'Coz I am always by your side[02:16]
'Coz I am your lady[02:23]
And you are my man[02:30]
Whenever you reach for me[02:37]
I'll do all that I can[02:44]
We're heading for something[02:50]
Somewhere I've never been[02:57]
Sometimes I am frightened[03:00]
But I'm ready to learn[03:04]
Of the power of love[03:15]
The sound of your heart beating[03:21]
Made it clear suddenly[03:28]
The feeling that I can't go on[03:35]
Is light years away[03:42]
'Coz I am your lady[03:49]
And you are my man[03:55]
Whenever you reach for me[04:02]
I'll do all that I can[04:09]
We're heading for something[04:16]
Somewhere I've never been[04:23]
Sometimes I am frightened[04:25]
But I'm ready to learn[04:30]
Of the power of love[04:37]
The power of love[04:44]
The power of love[04:50]
Sometimes I am frightened[04:53]
But I'm ready to learn[04:57]
The power of love[05:16]
The power of love
Singer:Celine Dion