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Dumb Lyrics
I m not like them[00:03]
But I can pretend[00:05]
The sun is gone[00:07]
But I have a light[00:09]
The day is done[00:11]
But I m having fun[00:13]
I think I m dumb[00:15]
Or maybe just happy[00:20]
Think I m just happy Think I m just happy[00:35]
My heart is broke[00:37]
But I have some glue[00:39]
Help me inhale[00:41]
And mend it with you[00:43]
We ll float around[00:45]
And hang out on clouds[00:47]
Then we ll come down[00:50]
And I have a hangover I Have a hangover[01:09]
Skin the sun[01:11]
Fall asleep[01:13]
Wish away[01:15]
The soul is cheap[01:17]
Lesson learned[01:19]
Wish me luck[01:21]
SootheThe burn[01:23]
Wake me up[01:26]
I m not like them[01:28]
But I can pretend[01:30]
The sun is gone[01:32]
But I have a light[01:34]
The day is done[01:36]
But I m having fun[01:38]
I think I m dumb[01:40]
Or maybe just happy[01:45]
Think I m just happy[02:00]
I think I m dumb