The first emperor in history who offered his throne to an outsider and let his own son go

2020-10-16 time

p>By making history our own, we enter eternity from history.

As the old saying goes, man is the devil for himself. No one who has children does not leave the best things for their own children, for thousands of years. But there are exceptions to everything. There is a man who drives his son far away, preferring to pass on his throne to an outsider who has no blood relationship at all, rather than leave it to his son.

Many people certainly know who this person is without me. Yes, he is Yao. The system of abdication began with him. Although it was said that there was no feudal monarchy at that time, Yao was the tribal leader and King at that time, which was equivalent to the later emperor.


During the reign of Yao, he was diligent in politics, loved the people, and accepted advice with an open mind. He set up a big drum outside the gate of the palace. A piece of wood was erected on the road, which was called "the drum of admonition" and "the wood of slander". People who want to give their opinions can go to the drum at any time, find the wood keeper to lead the way to meet Yao and state his suggestions. At any time, he will seriously listen to and analyze all kinds of good and bad suggestions put forward by others. Such a people friendly ruler was no less than the direct democracy of Athens.


With the passage of time, Yao slowly or old, not always can not accept. This is the time to choose an heir. Dan Zhu, Yao's son, was born to be a black sheep of the second generation. Danzhu was not interested in Ren Yao's efforts to teach him tactics and politics. Yao even made China's first set of weiqi for Danzhu. After learning for a while, Dan Zhu found it boring.

Yao hated that iron was not made into steel. He thought he had asked his son 800 times. However, no matter how incompetent his son is, even if he is forced to help Danzhu to the highest position with Yao's status, it is absolutely possible. However, Yao was such a noble king that he didn't care about nepotism. Apart from his son, ah Dou, who couldn't support him, he had already found a qualified person to replace him, namely Shun.

Shun and Yao had no blood relationship at all, but he had great talent. Yao inspected him again and again, asked Shun to receive ministers, March and fight, and even designed wilderness for Shun to survive. Shun all passed the test one by one. Yao's reward was rich, even unique. He directly gave his throne to shun. Not only that, he also took his two beautiful daughters, E-Huang and nu Ying, without asking Shun for a cent of betrothal gifts. So my father-in-law can give us a dozen.

To send a throne, a tribe, a bride, or a sister flower, Yao's great writing is unprecedented and has never come since! But his son Danzhu was driven to the remote south by Yao, and he had no relationship with the throne! Such a wonderful monarch leader seems to do things without reason, but everything is so reliable.