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Dinero Lyrics 歌词
Dinero (Clean) - Trinidad Cardona[00:01]
Written by:Trinidad Cardona/Willie Darnell Brooks/Dernst Emile II[00:03]
Oh I don't know I don't know[00:08]
No soy traficante[00:10]
Pero escucho corridos que juegan tomando tekate[00:16]
Ya dimelo antes[00:19]
Ya si quieres dinero lo siento no tengo[00:24]
She taking my dinero[00:26]
Taking my dinero[00:28]
She taking my dinero[00:30]
Taking my dinero[00:32]
She playing hella hard[00:34]
Playing for pesos[00:36]
She playing hella hard[00:38]
Playing for pesos[00:40]
I whip whip I'm rolling[00:42]
I got my money open[00:44]
She text me good morning[00:46]
Then I'm ready to go out and buy[00:49]
Anything that she like[00:51]
Get whatever's on her mind[00:53]
Spending money overtime oh my[00:56]
I wake myself with the sun of the morning[00:58]
I play myself with a stunner performance[01:00]
She take all my money and now she gone[01:02]
And I'm broke as a b**ch and I'm all alone yeah[01:05]
Trying to ball for this[01:07]
Wearing the same clothes yeah[01:09]
Trying to stay low yeah[01:11]
Looking for pesos yeah[01:12]
She taking my dinero[01:14]
Taking my dinero[01:16]
She taking my dinero[01:18]
Taking my dinero[01:20]
She playing hella hard[01:22]
Playing for pesos[01:24]
She playing hella hard[01:26]
Playing for pesos[01:28]
I'm with her rolling[01:30]
My heart is broken[01:32]
My money stolen[01:34]
My shawtys so bad[01:35]
But I'm ready to go out and buy[01:37]
Anything that she like[01:39]
Get whatever's on her mind[01:41]
Spending money overtime oh my[02:00]
She taking my dinero[02:04]
Taking my dinero[02:06]
She take my dinero[02:08]
Taking my dinero[02:12]
She playing hella hard[02:16]
She playing hella hard[02:23]
Then I'm ready to go out and buy[02:25]
Anything that she like
Singer:Trinidad Cardona