The Waiter And The Porter And The Upstairs Maid

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The Waiter And The Porter And The Upstairs Maid Lyrics
The Waiter And The Porter And The Upstairs Maid - Bing Crosby (本·考斯比)[00:06]
As your genial host may I offer a toast [00:11]
To the wine buying guest on my right [00:14]
(Hooray for the wine buyer)[00:16]
Yes drag out the cooking sherry[00:17]
For the old colonel [00:18]
May his bank account grow[00:21]
Heavy laden with dough [00:23]
May he spend it in here every night [00:26]
Every night [00:29]
Seeing this night in its glory[00:33]
You people so loyal so true[00:36]
Puts me in mind of a story[00:41]
Tell us about it pray do-o-o-o-o-o [00:48]
The people in the ballroom[00:50]
Were stuffy and arty [00:51]
So I began to get just a little bit frayed [00:55]
I sneaked into the kitchen I dug me a party [00:58]
The waiter[00:59]
And the porter[01:00]
And the second storey maid [01:01]
I peeked into the parlour to see[01:04]
What was a-hatchin [01:05]
In time to hear the hostess suggest a charade[01:08]
But who was in the pantry a-laughin [01:11]
An scratchin [01:12]
Oh [01:12]
The waiter[01:13]
And the porter[01:14]
And the upstairs maid[01:15]
When they heard the music[01:17]
That the orchestra played [01:19]
The waiter and the porter grabbed[01:20]
A-hold of the maid [01:22]
Then they all proceeded to go into a clog [01:26]
Hot diggedy dog [01:29]
If ever I'm invited to some fuddy-duddy's[01:32]
I ain't-a-gonna watch any harlequinade [01:36]
You'll find him in the kitchen[01:38]
Applaudin' his buddies [01:39]
The waiter[01:40]
And the porter[01:41]
And the upstairs maid[01:50]
Well pardon me folks the roast is carved [01:53]
The wine is served why you look half starved [01:56]
Pardon me sir may we be free[02:00]
The kitchen guard is havin a jamboree [02:10]
I went and got a dish pan to use as a cymbal [02:13]
The porter found the regular glass that he played [02:17]
The fingers of the waiter were each in a thimble [02:20]
You should heard the music[02:21]
That the combination made [02:37]
Marchin' through the kitchen to[02:39]
The pantry and back [02:41]
Why man you should seen us [02:42]
We were ballin' the jack [02:44]
Once a half an hour passed without any call [02:48]
Jack we had a ball[02:51]
The waltzes and mazurkas we hate 'em [02:54]
We spurn 'em [02:55]
We got a lot of rhythms we wanna hear played[02:57]
Yes and we know who to go to[03:00]
When we want to learn 'em [03:01]
The waiter and the porter and the upstairs maid
Singer:Bing Crosby