Frosty the Snowman

2021-09-13 time

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Frosty the Snowman Lyrics
Frosty the Snowman - Bing Crosby[00:06]
Frosty the snowman[00:09]
Was a jolly happy soul[00:11]
With a corncob pipe[00:13]
And a button nose[00:15]
And eyes made out of coal[00:17]
Frosty the snowman is[00:20]
A fairy tale they say[00:23]
He was made of snow[00:24]
But the children[00:25]
Know that he[00:27]
Came to life one day[00:29]
There must have been[00:31]
Some magic in that[00:32]
Old silk hat they found[00:35]
For when they placed it[00:36]
On his head[00:38]
He began to dance around[00:41]
Frosty the snowman[00:43]
Was alive as he could be[00:46]
And the children say[00:48]
He could laugh[00:49]
And play just the same as[00:51]
You and me[00:56]
(Thumpetty thump thump[00:57]
Thumpety thump thump[00:59]
Look at Frosty go[01:02]
Thumpetty thump thump[01:03]
Thumpety thump thump[01:04]
Over the hills of snow)[01:08]
Frosty the snowman knew[01:10]
The sun was hot that day[01:13]
So he said[01:14]
Let's run and[01:15]
We'll have some fun[01:16]
Now before I melt away[01:19]
Down to the village[01:22]
With a broomstick in his hand[01:25]
Running here and there all[01:26]
Around the square saying[01:28]
Catch me if you can[01:31]
(He led them down the streets of town[01:34]
Right to the traffic cop[01:37]
And he only paused a moment when[01:40]
He heard him holler[01:42]
Because old frosty the snow man[01:46]
He had to hurry on his way[01:49]
But he waved goodbye saying[01:51]
Don't you cry[01:53]
I'll be back again some day[01:55]
I'll be back again some day[01:59]
I'll be back again some day
Singer:Bing Crosby